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I like Iron Man comics, activism, and arguing over the internet.


Dear white people,

your cute little bracelets, flowy skirts, spangly little outfits, white girls in a field, long curly waves expertly styled, painted plates, greasy white dreads, mock caravans, scarves in the summer, colorful dresses, stolen dream catchers, road tripping days, crappy face paint, fake headresses, ARE NOT GYPSY.

Because “gypsy” is a SLUR. A word used to propagate discrimination and genocide. A weapon used to hurt and demean Romani people. It’s not an identity that you put on and discard at the end of your day with your dangly earrings and carefully applied makeup.

You CAN’T wear a culture.

You CAN’T wear an ethnicity.

You CAN’T wear an identity.

All that you’re doing is showing how much of a privileged and ignorant person you are.

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